The Lap Seat


A product designed to allow traveling with a baby* easier. It is designed to provide comfort to you and your little one during turbulence on a flight. You can now relax, or even take a nap while your baby is safely attached to you.You no longer need to hold them during the whole duration of your flight*.

The lap seat can be used while traveling by train air, train, or bus, It can also be used as a high chair.**

*The FAA does not allow the use of carriers or harnesses during taxi, take off and landing. Your infant’s lap seat buckles are designed to allow you to easily unbuckle them during take off and before landing, without having to remove your lap seat. See the details in our instruction manual.

** Not compatible will all chair designs. Children should never be left unattended while the lap seat is used on a chair. Suitable for children 8 to 24 months, if  younger make sure they can fully support themselves while seated.

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