About Us

MH Baby Co.

Is a New York based Company dedicated in creating and designing a variety of baby products, from our signature lap seat to baby accessories and clothing.

We design with great care and with your little one in mind, we make sure that we provide you with the highest quality and beautifully crafted products to suit your babies' needs.

We are the very first company to launch the signature lap seat, a carrier that provides comfort during air, train, and bus travel. The lap seat can also be used as a high chair. Families can now rest comfortably while traveling. Taking your little one with you to go see a movie can now be enjoyable. Just take your lap seat with you, place your little one on your lap seat once you are comfortably seated. Dinner at your favorite restaurant? It can also be used as a high chair. There is no need for uncomfortable booster seats, just strap your lapseat to a regular chair and you are good to go.